Even as I sit down to write my first blog post I feel ambivalent about the idea of starting a blog. I have a running pro and con  list. The con list consists of such thoughts:

1) Another Mom blog! It’s overdone, and there are so many women doing it really well, what could I possibly add to that conversation that has not already been said.

2) My daughter is peacefully sleeping, and I have precious moments alone, shouldn’t I be sewing, cooking, cleaning or reading instead of using this time on my computer?

3) Do I really want to put myself out there for the world to see my life?  I’ve dabbled in blogs, I have a tumblr, but mostly I use it as a sort of commonplace book to put other people’s interesting ideas. The idea of putting my own thoughts, photos, life out there still frightens me a little.

But I’m going to do it, and here’s why, as impressive as the con list is (and as intriguing as it is to put away my computer and sip my coffee and cuddle up with a book until Auden wakes up is), my pro list is pretty persuasive too. On my pros list:

1) I want to be more reflective. There is something about writing, especially when writing to an audience (whether imagined or real), that causes deeper reflection. My life is pretty sweet, I’m thoroughly enjoying this chapter of it, and I want to take the time to reflect on in so that I more deeply appreciate it and am present to it.

2). Similarly, I want to be more intentional. Time is such a precious gift. Time on this earth, time with young kids, with my husband, time in the kitchen. I want to be a good steward of time.

3). For connection. I’m fortunate to live in the great state of Oregon with much of my family, but even with that I have many more dear friends and family scattered across the world. I want to be able to give my friends as well as Auden’s Grandparents and aunts a greater glimpse into her life.

4). Momentos. I started a journal for Auden when I was pregnant with her. I wrote in it often while pregnant and envisioned myself calmly sitting with tea and writing in her journal at least once a month after she was born. That didn’t happen. Not even close. I wrote her birth story and haven’t glanced back since. Perhaps in creating this blog I’ll be creating a sort of cyber scrapbook for Auden to enjoy in years to come.

And so for now, the pro list has won me over, and thus I am now another Mom with a blog.