A few weeks ago my mom took Auden for an impromptu baking date. One of the many benefits of living 5 minutes from my parents is having things like impromptu  baking dates happen. When you spend so much of your waking hours in charge of another being’s safety, well-being, and happiness, making sure they have decently nutritious food in their stomach, dry diapers, and aren’t eating inappropriate amounts of play-dough, the open space when they are gone can be deafening. When I have “free space,” I feel this overwhelming desire to A) do something with this time that I will deeply enjoy and that is B) empoweringly productive. Not sure this is necessarily a healthy response to “free time,” but that’s how I feel when I’m gifted with a few precious hours to myself. I’ve been crocheting for a few years but have had knitters’ jealousy for most of that time. So with a few extra hours on my hand I decided I’d finally sit down with needles, yarn, and the internet and learn to knit. I watched many videos, some helpful, some more confusing them helpful, and I’ve put together my list of favorite videos for each step of the process. For my first projects I’m making scarves, lots and lots of little scarves for my daughter and two nieces. Hopefully soon I’ll upgrade to the pearl stitch so I can start making cowls, handwarmers, and leggings. But for now, scarves. I’m really enjoying knitting, for whatever reason I find the movement of knitting to be more relaxing than crocheting.

4 Videos to get you Knitting:

1) Learn to cast on with this video

2) Learn how to knit your first row with this video (for some reason this was the hardest part for me to get the hang of, it took a few tries). This video isn’t the best quality but she gives a lot of helpful bits of information in her tutorial).

3) Learn how to knit the knit stitch 

4) And finally how to cast off  (I actually learned how to knit back in college but never learned this important step, and so I had a never-ending scarf that I just kept working on. Casting off is an important step apparently).

I’m looking forward to my first official fall as a knitter! I hope these videos help get you knitting this fall too.